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Welcome to Paul Agnew Design​

Paul Agnew Designs is an internationally recognized manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gas, wood, and electric fireplaces. With years of industry experience and premium end-to-end service, Paul Agnew Designs is a trusted supplier of the industry’s most advanced, unique, and elegant heating solutions.

Embrace The Future Of Electric Fireplaces

Welcome to the world of ilektro by Paul Agnew Designs, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled elegance. ilektro redefines the traditional fireplace experience of being just a fixture within your home, but instead provides a trans formative experience that blends expansive design and state-of-the-art features. Conceived from the ground up with meticulous attention to detail, ilektro is a product of extensive research and development, resulting in an electric fireplace that redefines expectations.


The ilektro Series encapsulates an immersive experience, delivering instant heat combined with a hyper-realistic flame pattern which brings a new level of sophistication to your living space. But it’s not just about aesthetic appeal; the ilektro Series is engineered for efficiency and convenience, echoing our commitment to creating products that are as functional as they are striking. By embracing electric fireplaces, homeowners and builders alike can reduce their environmental impact, lower carbon emissions, and contribute to a cleaner future

ilektro Fireplaces represent a positive step towards a more eco friendly building industry that prioritises both comfort and environmental responsibility. As consumers increasingly recognise the importance of sustainable living, these innovative heating solutions are set to become an integral part of the eco-conscious homes of tomorrow.

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