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ilektro 950 Landscape​
ilektro 950 Aspect​
ilektro 950 LT​
ilektro 1250 Landscape​
ilektro 1650 Landscape​

Show off your style with ilektro by Paul Agnew Designs

Our ilektro range makes use of state-of-the-art technology to bring you a high-quality display and the most realistic flame patterns.

Featuring energy-saver LED, multi flame technology, and underbed lighting an ilketro fire providese several options for you to personalise your display and make it truely mesmerising.

Designed & Engineered in Australia

ilektro 2000 Landscape​
ilektro Slimline 50″ (120cm)
ilektro Slimline 60″ (150cm)
ilektro Slimline 72″ (180cm)

Whether mounted on a wall or set back into a nook, the ilektro Slimline’s slender proportions and lightweight make it an easy addition that simply brings spaces to life. Featuring a full suite of settings that allows ilektro Slimline to be adjusted to the room conditions and to suit your mood.

Enjoy ilektro Slimline all year-round.

The inbuilt heating system can be turned off at any time leaving the Slimline flame to operate independently.

The ilektro Slimline simple wall mount system allows it to be wall mounted or recessed into a wall or custom cabinetry.

ilektro Slimline comes in a choice of three sizes 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm

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